Mandy Broder Judaica Creations has taken the search for that unique and special gift, to a totally new dimension.

By offering a unique consulting service and countless creative ideas, Mandy, the artist, uses hand written calligraphy and printed text on paper or parchment, combining it with design elements such as wood, glass, silver and stone.

In addition, Mandy specializes in innovative designs and concepts using liturgical texts.

As Mandy joins your mission to identify that special personal statement you wish to make with a customized gift, something new and special always results.

A gift that expresses your personal appreciation/acknowledgement/relationship and is always exceptionally well received.

Your personal message and unique art production is there for endless pleasure and devotion.

Mandy's art adorns the walls and homes of happy customers all over the globe. So, whether you seek to mark a life milestone or any other personal, professional or institutional achievement and acknowledgement, or to beautify and enrich your home -

Contact Mandy today for a free consultation.

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